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Common questions that have arisen in everyone's mind about jobs in this Covid-19 pandemic

The business world has affected due to COVID-19 pandemic,  Due to this, many questions arise in the minds of the Employees. Some commonly asked queries we are sharing with our views

# In the ongoing situation my salary is cut a lot, Should i search a new job?

Businesses have affected due to this pandemic, the Organization is helpless in this situation and Pay cut is one of the option to maintain the budget for the next coming months.we suggest you to wait till the next appraisal cycle to see if the company compensates you appropriately. If not, start forwarding your resume. In the meantime, try to upskill yourself so that you are more qualified and can haggle for higher pay. 

# I’m on leave without pay till the lockdown over. What should I do? 

If you trust your company, then wait for another 2 -3 months to see the revised situation & if not then you can start searching for new jobs but please keep in mind & think twice to submit your resignation, it difficult to get the new opportunity in the market.

# Should I ask Corona safety-related questions at the interview in another organization?

Yes, You can ask your Job Security & Health safety-related question in between your discussion with the interviewer.

#The orgainization may Fire me, Should i search some new options or wait?

If you are seeing the signs of your force resignation, Please communicate first with you senior and share your thought if the picture will clear on the wall then you can make a backup plan for your job

#I have just been hired but joining date is not confirmed, Should i find another option?

No, it is advisable to wait for the next few months to assess the situation. After all, the company has invested amount and manpower in the entire hiring process and would not want to repeat the same after 3-4 months. In the meanwhile, remain in touch with HR managers to know the company’s plans. If it cannot afford to retain people or is likely to close down, look for a new job.

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